Thursday, April 13, 2006

Am I an Old Fogey?

I'm a bit confused. I thought coming on sexually to someone was not a good thing in God's eyes. And I thought violence as a spectator sport where people get their body parts smashed was probably not a good thing in God's sight either.

I guess I'm mistaken. Some of the emergent leaders (including Mark Driscoll...which saddens me) and others in other movements think it was fine for a lap dancer to do a lap dance on a customer (a paying customer) while witnessing to him about Christ. I guess just color me...dumb.

And Driscoll also thinks it's fine to watch what is called Mixed Martial Arts. It's also called Ultimate Fighting. This is a sport where you knock your opponent slly without much protection. Because Driscoll doesn't wish his three young sons to think Christian men are soft and swishy, he has them watching this stuff too. I am very disappointed in Driscoll but not surprised. This generation of Christan leaders as a group tend to be confused and blurred about moral boundaries. Perhaps they should get into the New Testament more. The scary thing is....what will their sons be like when they become the new generation of evangelical leaders?

...but then I read people like Tim Challies, Tim Wirth and others of that generation and think...perhaps there is hope after all.

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jpu said...

i think you misunderstood the lap dance thing. former believing strippers pay for a private lap dance then witness to the women in the private room. they are paying for the girls time and not for a dance. this blog describes it.
i did see driscoll's entry on ultimate fighting and agree that its really weird for him to endorse it, promote it, and bring his sons into it and tie it into Bible study.