Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Answer:

Yesterday I quoted an email that had gone out recently from the Elijah list (a Third Wave Charismatic revival prophecy list). You can find it here if you haven't read it - or scroll down to the next post.

Can You Spot It?

The answer is:

Muslim is NOT a Christian denomination. And frankly, neither is Roman Catholicism, if you believe R.C. Sproul's recent talk to the Together4God conference as recorded by Tim Challies. You can read that HERE. Frankly, I tend to agree with R.C. I know that will seem very narrow minded and perhaps even cruel to some of you. But I do hope you will read what R.C. said before jumping all over me. I am talking of course about the Catholic theology, not dissing Catholic people as persons. But we do need to clarify wht being justified by God really means; not jsut what we "feel" it is or want it to be.

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