Saturday, April 29, 2006

Can You Spot It?

Have you ever done those puzzles? - the ones where you look at a picture and ty to spot what's wrong with it. Sometimes it will be a person with three ears, or an upside down store sign - things like that. Well, let's play that game now.

What's wrong with this?(Answer tomorrow)

We need to see all people as created in the image of God, and that He loves them all, and that He wants them all to come to Him as their Father. Alistair Petrie wrote a book called the Sacred Trust. In the book, He looked at the world from an incredible perspective. Rather than throwing stones at systems that may not appeal to each of us, he saw the beauty and strength in different denominations and different people groups and races:

Baptists - Gift of teaching about Salvation

Methodists/Presbyterians/United - Gift of teaching about social issues

Pentecostals - Gift of teaching about the power of God and the Holy Spirit

Nazarenes - Gift of teaching on holiness

Roman Catholics - Gift of teaching on Authority and the (Righteous) fear of God

Anglicans - Gift of teaching the balance of the Word and Liturgy

Mennonites - Gift of teaching on reconciliation

Blacks - Gift of the longsuffering nature of God

Hispanics - Gift of the family of God

Whites - Gift of the aspect in authority

Native Indians - Gift of being spiritual warriors and the work of the Holy Spirit

Muslims - Gift of the fear of the Lord (we need to be willing to give our very lives to the Lord--Muslims love their lives not unto death for their god)

....from Richard Ricciardelli: "A Revolution Of Unity"
(from the Elijah list)

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