Saturday, April 15, 2006

From Passover....(blank) Pentecost

I've said many times here that one of the myriad problems I have with the Third Wave revivalists/prophets/apostles/etc. is their lack of focus or even mention of Christ and what He did at the cross. I've also pondered here at Crossroads how people in those churches can become Christians as they need to hear about Christ who IS the center of the gospel. How can they respond and be saved? (see Romans 10:9,10. Paul asked the same questione )

But I digress a bit. Lately, and this happens ever so often in the Third Wave world, scads of prophecies have come out of their camps lately about the need to observe and take seriously the Passover feast. And of course as usual with this group, it's also time for another 28 days of prayer and fasting. I keep waiting for one of them to get to Good Friday and then Easter. But there is a blank there in their prophetic calendar. In fact, I thought with the emphasis on Passover there might even be a mention of the Last Supper - but No. The emphasis, as always, is on the Judaic view. NO, I'm not an anti-Semite, but I do think we need to make a distinction between the two faiths. Jesus is the reason for Easter for Christians. Maybe we should talk about Him?

After Easter, we will probably hear about Pentecost as that is the next calendar date for the Third Wavers. They like Pentecost because it involves the Holy Spirit...or what they think is the Holy Spirit. But, in between there is a huge BLANK!

Attention Third Wave Charismatics: It's called Good Friday and Easter. It's when Christ died, taking upon Himself our iniquities (sins) and sicknesses (diseases and infirmities). It's when He made it possible for us to be accepted and adopted into God's family and sons and daughters. But in order to take advantage of this wonderful gift, which is accepted purely through faith, we need to repent of our iniquity and then believe on His name and what He did for us at the cross.

And that---is the reason for the season.

Happy Easter everybody...:)

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