Tuesday, April 18, 2006

If It's Spring....It Must Be TBN Telethon Time

Bob over at Totem to Temple says that TBN's Raise-a-Ton is on again. No, that isn't a typo.

How should a Christian network raise money? I'm not aware that CBN holds these telethons...am I right? Why can't the Praise the Lord program, which is TBN's flagship one, simply tell people at the end of the program - or perhaps even in the middle - to send money if the program blesses them. Period. Takes 60 seconds. I really don't understand these TBN telethons. Does anyone really watch them? I guess somebody must as they keep holding them year after year after year. So, they must be getting a lot of money (or a ton of money as Bob says) during these times. Anyway, I think next Monday TBN will be back to normal. Well, that is if you call their regular programming normal.


Insider said...

Here's the bottom line. TBN could never ask or receive another dollar for 8-10 YEARS and run off their $400 million cash reserves. The reserves along with airtime revenue makes it hard to watch them expalin how only viewers can keep TBN on the air.

Diane said...


Amen...your point is excellent.