Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Promise Driven Church vs. The Purpose Driven Church

The Nov-Dec 2005 issue of Modern Reformation Magazine was devoted to the Promise Driven Life as opposed to the Purpose Driven life. One of the articles was entitled "The Promise Driven Church."

After explaining how both Robert Schuller and Rick Warren canvassed their areas taking polls on what people wanted from a church, author Todd Wilken tells us the difference between the Purpose-Driven Church and the Promise Driven one.

The unchurch [PurposeDriven] offers the unchurched "life application" preaching. Why? This is what the unchurched expect. The unchurched always expect less than God gives. The unchurched expect preaching that gives them practical solutions to their everyday problems.

[But] the [Promise Driven Church] church has something better. To begin with the church doesn't preach to the unchurched. The church doesn't really care whether someone is churched, unchurched, underchurched, overchurched, mischurched, dischurched, prechurched, dechurched, or rechurched. The church preaches to sinners - sinners who are unchurched and sinners who aren't; sinners who are seeking and sinners who aren't; sinners who are unbeliever's and sinners who aren't.

He goes on to say what the Promise Driven Church should be teaching.

The world will never consider 'Christ crucified' relevant. The unchurched will never tell us that they WANT to hear the message of the cross. This is why the [Promise Driven] church doesn't ask people what they want to hear. the [Promise Driven] church preaches what people NEED to hear.

The unchurch offers the unchurched lots of things to do. They typical unchurch is a very busy place. Why? This is what the unchurched expect. The unchurch expect the church to be like any other volunteer organization. [But] the [Promise Driven] church has something better. The church isn't interested in giving sinners something to do. The church is interested in giving sinners the things God has done for them

As I've said in the past here, I've noticed how so many movements today are watering down or even ignoring Christ's work at Calvary. Most of the Third Wave, seeker sensitive (Purpose-Driven), and emergent churches are all guilty of this.

So, I still am asking the question that Paul also asked in Romans 10:9-10. How can someone become a Christian (i.e. believe) if they haven't heard the gospel? And how can they hear if no one tells them? This is a very important question for all churches, pastors, elders and movements to really consider.

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