Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Samuel Company

Once again, great stuff from David Wilkerson,

In thousands of churches now, there is never any mention of sin, the Cross, sacrifice, judgement or hell. Godly watchmen aren't allowed to speak, and there is no stirring of hearts. Instead, the whole focus is on success, with every sermon designed to make people feel good. It's all resulting in apathy, greed, self-centeredness, coldness of heart. And it's causing pain to godly believers everywhere, as they see God's name brought to disgrace.....

.....the Lord has a Samuel Company in this generation. He's raising them up out of the ruins of a greedy chruch and is calling them to himself. I meet members of this invisible Samuel Company all over the world. They hear clearly from the Lord, and they're not afraid to bring a word to warn His church. Moreover, God has multitudes of hidden, unknown prophets, and they're being trained in the school of hardship. They're part of the Samuel Company and they know what's coming, because the Lord has told them. In spite of coming judgments, these godly ones are full of hope and rejoicing, becuse they see a new day coming.

[Note: he is NOT talking about the Third Wave churches or prophets here].

Source: World Challenge Pulpit Series - February 27, 2006 issue

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Anonymous said...

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