Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Take Care of Your Parents - Or Else! (Chinese Style)

In my Saturday Los Angeles Times, I read about how China is resolving its elderly problems . If adult children don't take care of their parent, they might be jailed. And if they don't visit them at least once a week, they'll get fined. If it isn't resolved and they continue not to visit them, then you going to jail. Five (5) years in jail for some of the slackers.

Meanwhile, here in North America, we are still throwing our parents into convalescent homes.

This post is a prelude and will prepare us for tomorrow which will be one of the most important posts I've written.


dcypl said...

Looking forward to your post tomorrow. I'm involved in ministering to the elderly, and am (slowly) making my way through a series on this topic.

Diane said...


I read your series and I wish more people would call attention to this ministry group--that is the elderly. Unfortuntely, that isn't what my next post is going to be least not exactly...stay tuned...LOL.