Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Persecution of Christians in America is Beginning Now

I am getting more and more concerned about how the "atmosphere" in America has changed quite suddenly to one of persecution of Evangelical Christians in America. In fact, it's quite similar to how the German government propagandized the German non-Jewish citizens against the Jews before World War II. The only difference is the German government was doing the persecution, while in America it's the media. There are several recent examples of this, but two appeared just this week. First, Susan Jacoby's new book, Age of American Unreason is out. Although I haven't read the book, as it just came out, the New York Times Book reviewer stated that Jacoby blames the evangelicals for "pseudoscience" and a leap backwards in thinking. Of course the real facts are that Christians are actually advancing in their college and grad level institutions. Also, there are more educated and middle to upper-middle class evangelicals. If you look at how the national TV news networks (especially PBS and Bill Moyers) portray us, we all live in places like South Carolina, have lost some teeth and dropped out of 8th grade. Therefore, we don't talk too good.

Also this week (Feb. 11-16), Charles Barkley, the basketball player, says conservatives make him sick and implicates evangelical Christians especially. Never before in my lifetime (I am almost 64) have I see this venom and absolute nonsense directed at evangelical Christians. I fear this is only the start. I don't worry about the atheistic books out right now by people like Richard Dawkins. But I do fear respected people who are bringing forth this other stuff. It will take Christian intellectuals IMO to counter this. So far, they seem to be rather silent. Although some have put out books, they have been largely confined to the evangelical community and mostly to the academic parts of that community. Perhaps they need to get on programs like Larry King and not look stupid.

And if it isn't bad enough that we are undergoing these type of assaults from without, we have our own within lobbying the same type of charges. These people have discovered that if they call evangelicals "fundamentalists," they get more play. Get it? Religious fundamentalists is the term used today by both unbelievers AND the anti-evangelical so-called "believers. The term not only covers Muslim extremists, but nowadays it also covers evangelicals. Do you see the problem here? The sad thing is most Christians don't even know what's happening.

The Jews went through all of this in Germany in the 1930's after Hitler rose to power. I've studied the Holocaust for decades now so I'm familiar with its history. In that instance it was the government attacking them and it was mostly personal and character attacks. For instance, they portrayed the average Jew as dirty and lecherous. That was silly of course as Jews as a group are probably the cleanest people in the world because of their religious rituals. Even non-religious Jews inherit this. And there was absolutely no creedance that Jewish men were more lecherous than any other racial or ethnic group in Germany at that time. Do you see the similarity? Satan does nothing new. Now, the evangelicals are portrayed as stupid and rigid and are a danger to the nation and the general population. They believe in silly myths like creation and worship some guy who died on a cross. This actually is happening NOW here in the Untied States. It doesn't help that some of our "own" (if they truly are) are lobbing the same darts at us. The emergents and others (like Rick Warren) are constantly disparaging the "fundamentalists." They aren't talking about the old fundamentalists, they're talking about us because we have the audacity to disagree with their theology (they either downplay or deny the cross and Jesus' mediatorial work there).

Anyone have any answers or ways to pray about this?


dle said...


Nothing's changed since I left California in 2000. What you describe is the same old, same old out there.

But I don't think what you describe has affected the heartland at all. The flyover states are all pretty much dedicated to some idea of Christian faith, even if that faith resembles American Civil Christianity more than it does the genuine article.

I see next to no persecution anywhere in this country except words spoken by the same old cultural elites who have been despising Christians since time began. Yes, they bleat about it on the coasts, but those complainers have no will to do anything about it.

When I read David Limbaugh's book Persecution, I found the examples in there laughable and actually pretty stupid in their blandness. When the real persecution comes, it will be pretty obvious and downright chilling.

Is it coming? Sure. Look at Canada right now and think how fast that country's gone down the tubes. But it's not here, yet. The first sign will be a large-scale repudiation of genuine Christians in the political sphere. That will leach over into the public sphere on a wholesale level. When the heartland starts caving, then we can talk persecution.

Anonymous said...

I was reading on another blog where the Archbishop in Canterbury in England is calling for Sharia Law in the UK. I wonder if that kind of thinking will eventually find itself in the US.... finding muslims in protected "sensitivity cultural zones ".
We can't stop the antichrist system that is already in the world but I pray that the true elect will continue to resist faithfully in proably one of the last free nation in the world.

Onward, Forward, Toward… said...


The problem with American Christians and 'persecution' is that 'persecution' is defined as either a Democrat getting elected or a government that will not allow them to picket outside an abortion clinic. When real persecution comes, then Christians love to 'pimp it for profit' (End of The Spear, Cassie Bernal/Columbine, Corrie Ten Boom) thinking the rest of the world is going to get saved instantly and immediately.

We need to read the book of Acts and see what the church and church leaders went through and hear the stories from the Voice of The Martyrs to understand real persecution. The good news being that even though they died for the Faith, the church survived strongly.

Even though the diatribe coming forth from the media is getting more and more appalling everyday, Christian leaders who preached against adultery on Sunday morning and slept with prostitutes on Sunday evening, Christian leaders who blame 9-11-01 on the ACLU and the gays, Christian leaders who state that we need to 'take out' a South American dictator are partially responsible for contributing to the mindset of Christianity's detractors.

In reference to the 'internal persecutions', that is something that is starting to pattern itself more and more like Islam where one faction would kill members of another faction in the name of Allah believing that they would get brownie points with Allah.

Jeremy Pierce said...

What Williams was proposing in the UK is not the imposing of Shari'a law. The idea was to allow in the UK what is commonly allowed in the US as a matter of course. Muslims would be able to operate in communities with shared rules that they consent to as a community that will operate in addition to the official government laws, and those communities of Muslims will be able to have their laws enforced within their community. That is not currently allowed in the UK. It's been going on in the US for decades. The US has been much more welcoming of the free practice of religion, and Williams is suggesting that the UK do the same thing. It's not that radical a position.

Charlez K said...

It amuses me that evangelical churches feel confident enough in themselves to deride others faiths and actions, but the moment someone claims dislike for that, you feel persecuted.

Jeremy Pierce said...

Charlez, I'm not sure you're talking about the same thing here that Diane is. She's talking about people making fun of evangelicals, acting like we all have three teeth, marry our siblings, and believe the world is flat. You're talking about evangelicals offering criticisms of other people's ideas, which professional academics do all the time and aren't therefore deriding other's beliefs or actions. They simply disagree and offer criticisms.

If I claim that Islam is a problematic religion because of X, Y, and Z then it's up to Muslims and defenders of Muslims either to say that X, Y, and Z aren't true or explain why they're not problematic. The same goes if I criticize atheism or any other view opposed to Christianity. But that's exactly the kind of discussion that the behavior Diane is talking about won't allow. She's talking about pure insults without much in the way of debatable content, much like racial epithets or fighting words. There's certainly nothing hypocritical or immoral in any way with (a) offering criticisms of those you disagree with while (b) lamenting when others simply refuse to engage in debate and instead just make fun of those they disagree with in a particularly cruel and unfair way.

Anonymous said...

yeah, making fun of evangelicals is JUST LIKE burning the jews.

Anonymous said...

we have not yet seen persecution in america,it is however coming soon to a city near you and me.the world hates the name of JESUS.they cant stand to hear it,because they are of their father the devil.america is a nation founded upon the Christian belief system and we have turned our back on GOD.