Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christian Carnival for February 29, 2012

Hi there! Welcome to this week’s Christian Carnival. Here is the lineup:

*How about 20 Bible verses on the subject of Perseverance? We could all probably use those right now. I was fascinated to read this post because I learned that there were different types of perseverance and Bible verses pertaining to all of them. To find out what these different types are and the great verses Pam at What Christians Want to Know has put with them, read her excellent post entitled, Bible Verses About Perseverance: 20 Defining Scriptures.

*I found this post fascinating. Austin at the keyboarding theologians blog examines two different concepts of what the concept “free” means in his post, entitled, Love is Free as in Speech.

*This blog post by Emily at the Evolving Personal Finance blog presents managing your debt and finances the Christian Way a little differently than anything I’ve read before. I don’t want to give it away but here is a hint: while you are doing it God’s way, your peer group may wonder about you. Please do read this short but very effective post at Living a Step Behind.

*Wow! Maryann at the ichthus 77 blog has snagged world famous Christian philosopher Dr. Alvin Plantinga to respond to a challenge from another philosopher. In this post, Wilkins and the EAAN -- a reply by Dr. Alvin Plantinga, Dr. Plantinga shows logically what his argument is about evolution and naturalism. This is one of those “philosophy reads” so it will need to be read slowly. I just want to know one thing after reading it. Do we have modified monkey brains or not?

*The Jevlir Caravansary blog presents a really fascinating description of God’s shape. Yes, you read that correctly. So what IS God’s shape and where do you see it? Check out Henry’s post, Seeing God’s Shape, written in a really neat poetic form.

*Becky of the charliebrownteacher blog has a problem. In fact it’s a problem many of us have from time to time. To find out what her problem is (and ours too), and how she resolves it, hop on over to her post entitled, What if I Don’t Want to be Strong.

*Beth of the infaith blog needed a book to teach her release-time class. Read her post, Just What I Neededto find the unusual place she found it.

*If you haven’t noticed, the atheists and secularists are a-risin’ everywhere. Carson at the Reasons for God blog tells us about a conference for secularists. They have advertised that there would be generosity there. Carson wants them to prove it by being really generous and……well, you’ll need to read his post entitled The Reason Rally and Generosity to find out what Carson wants them to do.

*Chris at the Pietist Schoolman blog writes about what happens on Ash Wednesday when people receive the ashes on their forehead. I found this post very informative as I really didn’t know why Catholic churches do this. Read the post, An Imposition to learn about this Lenten practice.

*Many years ago a verse in Proverbs might have very well saved the life of my boyfriend and mine too. You would be surprised how handy these verses in the Book of Proverbs are. But how do you get these gems inside of you when you need them? Well, thankfully, Kathryn of the The Peculiar Club blog has a wonderful post in which she helps us to get a hold of memorizing the Proverbs we need to have. To start your rich study of Proverbs, please do read her blog entitled,
Make the Most of the Book of Proverbs.

*My entry this week is about how NOT to help people. You can read it here.

Happy Reading, Everyone!


Emily @ evolvingPF said...

Thanks for including my post!

Carson said...

Hey Diane, I appreciate your inclusion of the Reasons for God post!

Dan Lower said...

Hey, I'm glad you included the KBT.

Should let you know the post was me...Austin no longer writes for the blog.

I'm glad you found it interesting.

Sister A said...

I love your blog!