Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Seven Biggest Evangelical Heresies List

Here's my list of the seven worst heresies in the evangelical churches today.  I've tracked these for ten years now and am shocked at how fast the majority of evangelical churches in America have fallen into one or more of these.   I've listed them in order as to how much they are affecting and infecting churches and Christians. The first three are the most influential ones, with number one, IMO, being the worst.

1. Emergent (now more and more being called Progressive Christianity)
When postmodern philosophy combines with Christianity.  It also includes Marxist libertation theology, medieval and some current Roman Catholic mysticism, and Eastern Hindu-Buddhist thought and practices.  It employs something called Deconstructionism and Poststructuralism which is the "sometimes bizarre"  interpretative and "political correctness"  of postmodern philosophy (Foucault, Derrida, et. al.).

2. Seeker Sensitive
This is basically humanist psychology combined with Christianity to create "Christianity-lite."  It  plays the numbers game.  In other words, how many people can we get into the church employing these teachings and methods?

3. Contemplative Spirituality
This is simply Eastern meditation disguised as Christian meditation, but it's not, and it's dangerous.  This is flooding into our Christian colleges and seminaries, often as required courses. It's also  showing up in church Sunday School curriculums for children, from formerly good publishers.

4. Third-Wave Charismatic/NAR (the New Apostolic Reformation)/Charismatic "revivals"
Some of this borders on the occult and these people really need to just get back to foundational Pentecostalism and then slowly go from there. Thank goodness this is beginning to die out.

5. Open Theism or the Open View (Process Theology)
God doesn't quite know the future as much as we thought. He's also in a learning process just like we are.

6. The Christian Right
Conservative church political groups.  Thankfully, it's dying fast and mostly has older followers.

7.  The Christian Left
Sadly, this is rising, although thankfully, not as fast as I first thought.  Attracts mostly younger Christians, who hopefully will see through it as radical Marxist thought.

I noticeably left out Word of Faith teaching.  This is because I still maintain that much of it is very good when presented correctly. But the Word Faith community needs to throw out the bad stuff (i.e.  the worst part of the Prosperity message),  balance the teaching more, have better trained pastors and better authority over them.


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Paul Wilkinson said...

The seeker sensitive movement is most frequently associated with Willow Creek in Chicago, and was born out of a heartfelt conviction that "lost people matter to God."

It is true that to veteran believers the content might have appeared "lite" as you say, but five years ago the church did a reappraisal of the spiritual hunger of seekers and did a considerable reworking of its strategy that affords much more depth. Basing impressions on the earlier version creates a rather unfair stereotype.